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Alan Gent
Alan Gent

Merc & me
Merc & me

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There's many ways that you can volunteer at CHS. Your time, expertise, financial support and ability to share what we do with your family, friends, community and the world can make a difference in the lives of these horses who have no where else to go.  However you can help, it all counts. 
  • You can stop by if you live in WA and volunteer to muck stalls, brush the horses, help feed or simply spend quality time with them.
  • Some people have held a 'Horse High Tea' and donated to us rather than bet on horse racing.
  • Got extra tack/gear? Our horses are not ridden or worked, however we do our best to keep them happy and healthy through all seasons and we often need rugs in new or gently worn condition as well as new/gently worn fly veils, hoof picks, rope halters, first aid kits, farrier gear in great condition, etc.
  • Do you know journalists or want to write a story about us or an individual horse? Contact your local paper, ABC TV or radio or a horse magazine and let them know about us. We're unique and Alan Gent is quite the legend!
  • If you are a lawyer in the Not for Profit or Charity sector we could use your expertise on a Pro Bono basis!
  • Our horses need constant farrier, dental and veterinary care.  If you're in one of those professions and can donate or reduce your fees and help our animals, we'd love that!
  • The possibilities are endless and we need your help!


BSB 066 000

ACCT 11575490

Be sure to note 'CHS' or 'Horses' on the transfer or we will not receive the donation. Your donation will appear on your bank statement as Bridging Communities, Inc., a registered charitable foundation in WA.


Welcome Vinnie! As you might have read on one of our Go Fund Me updates, our special mate, Vinnie, a former race horse, is settling in with the Calan mob after suffering an attack by horses much larger than him at an agistment property.  He's a soft, sweet boy and we think will become Omar's new mate.  Vinnie's story is on our Horses page.  G'day! 

PaulineLong_horse photo.jpg

We could not do this without the many people who have stepped up to help. A lovely woman from Queensland named Pauline Long donated the gear from her dear horse who passed away. It says heaps about this beautiful human who through great loss of their friend, has thought of the horses here at the sanctuary.  We cannot thank Pauline enough for her kindness in donating bot knives, rope halters, brushes and a first aid kit- all much needed, so that our horses can benefit in ways that ensure they live a comfortable life here at CHS!