FAQs: frequently asked questions

How did you get the name 'Calan' ?

The name 'Calan' is a combination of Alan's wife's name 'Carol' and 'Alan'.   Carol was and is instrumental in helping and supporting Alan in caring for the horses and other animals that have come into the sanctuary's care.  Carol lends a hand whenever needed and takes great care of all of us!


Do you take in any horse?

The sanctuary is primarily run by Alan Gent whose home is also on the property.  Alan is the caretaker and steward of the sanctuary including all the animals and he does this 24/7.  As our funding is also primarily out of pocket from Alan, we regretfully can only care for a limited number of horses.  It is a hard decision to choose what horse we can take in and the criteria then is situational and whether we have the space.  Few people realize the commitment and dedication it takes for one man, Mr Gent, to care for not only the 24 horses we  have now, but also the other animal residents.  The horses here are generally last-chance horses who require a great deal of rehabilitation and/or medical care and are in grave need of human kindness.  Alan has to spread himself across all of these animals from the crack of dawn to dusk and through all seasons to make sure everyone is fed, medicated, hooves trimmed and so forth.


What do I do if I find a horse that's neglected, abandoned or in need of a home?

Depending on where you live, you're best bet is to call your local RSPCA and/or you can Google 'horse rescue' and your state. They may have more readily available options for you.  Here are a few resources that we found that might be helpful although you'd have to check them out yourselves:


Western Australia: 



Northern Territory: 









New South Wales: 






  • RSPCA TASMANIA 1 300 139 947  http://www.rspcatas.org.au



Australian Capital Territory: 




South Australia: 




I have items to donate.  What kind of items does Calan Horse Santuary need and where can I drop them off or mail them to you?

We prefer items that are new or slightly worn due to sanitation purposes and because we want to ensure the safety and hygiene of all of our horses.  There are horses of all different sizes here and most are elderly so we want to make sure such things as rugs are warm, waterproof and that fly veils are not torn.  That said, we need:


  • Horse rugs- Summer and Winter

  • Fly veils

  • Neck rugs

  • Farrier tools in good nick

  • Brooms

  • Grooming brushes

  • Bot knives


To deliver or mail any items please contact Alan Gent first

Phone:  +61 0408 907 112

Email: alan_gent@bigpond.com


I would like to donate feed and hay

We always need feed and hay.  Contact Alan and he'll give you further information and where to buy and/or deliver



I would like to support and/or contribute to CHS

Great! You can contact Alan on his phone or email above or you can make a financial donation to Calan Horse Sanctuary by depositing into the Bridging Communities Inc., bank account - please note 'CHS' on your bank transfer so that they can track the donation and allocate to us. The BSB is: 066 000 and the ACCOUNT is: 11575490

I would like to visit the sanctuary.  Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes! We welcome your visit however as you can imagine, feeding over 24+ animals, especially older, needy horses means Alan is on a tight schedule.  We wouldn't want anyone getting 'hangry' if their brekky or tea was delayed!  Call or email your request directly to Alan.



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